Honourable Officers of SAN
Prof. I. A. Amoo, FSAN President (Chairperson)
Dr. H. A. Abba, FSAN Vice-President
Dr. O. A. Dada Hon. Secretary
Dr (Mrs) A. Claudius-Cole Hon. Treasurer
Prof. (Mrs) M. T. Bakare-Odunola Immediate Past President
Elected Ordinary Members
Prof. A. C. Odebode 2018-2020
Prof. F. I. Ezema 2018-2020
Prof. (Mrs) Mariam Aminu 2018-2020
Dr. A. A. Ogunjobi, FSAN 2018-2020
Dr. Uzoeto JaneSylvia 2018-2020
Dr. H. R. Saliu 2018-2020
Mal. S. I. Audu 2018-2020
Dr. S. O. Salawu 2018-2020
Representative of Sections
Dr. T. O. Ahmed Physics
Dr. H. A. Sanuth Microbiology
Dr. A. T. Kola-Mustapha Medical Science
Mrs E. E. Aribike Mathematics
Dr. F. O. Nwosu Chemistry
Dr. N. Afolabi-Balogun Biochemistry
Dr. N. Surajudeen-Bakinde Engineering
Mr. A. L. Lawal Agriculture
Vacant Botany
Mr. W. G. Ayoade Earth Science
Vacant Zoology
Officers Appointed by Council
Prof. I. Fawole, FSAN Chairman, Publications Committee
Prof. O. E. Fagade, FSAN Editor, Nigerian Journal of Science
Prof. A. O. Togun, FSAN Chairman, Popularisation of Science Committe
Prof. M. Momoh, FSAN Chairman, Honours and Awards Committe
Prof. B. L. Adeleke, FSAN Chairman, Project and Conference Committe
Dr. K. Rauf Editor, SAN Bulletin
Dr. E. A. Ademola First Assistant Secretary
Dr. A. T. Adediji Second Assistant Secretary
Mr. O. S. Adelodun-Toplonu Chairman, Lagos LOC
Mr. B. Asiyanbi Secretary, Lagos LOC